LCD Oled displays

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1. Introduction: System Integrated Solution

We offer a extensive portfolio of System Integrated Solutions to meet customers’ unique applications and requirements. Our System Integrated Solution service provides custom design solution and in depth support through our integrated core services which are based on the following technologies:

☞Communication interface design
☞ Custom TFT/OLED/STN/Segment LCD
☞ GUI Programming
☞Multi-language font
☞Inputs for user interface:
☞ Custom Touch Screen
☞ Membrane switches / Tact switches
☞ Silicon keypads
☞ Output interface:
☞ GPIO contact point
☞ Custom Display rendering of User Interface
☞ Driver boards
☞ PCB Custom shape and size
☞ Mounting options and methods
☞ Full embedded display solutions

For each new development, understanding of the application area and the fulfillment of the product specifications are the basis for getting an optimum solution. We already had many successful cases and ongoing projects, welcome to contact us if you need custom System Integrated Solutions.


2. [RFS390C series] 3.9” Top View Touch Screen Bar TFT

RFS390C series 3.9 inch Top View Bar TFT module with Touch Screen which featured with 480×128 dots resolution. RFS390C model is built in with Driver IC HX8278-A, it communicates via 24-bit RGB interface, 3.3V (typical) power supply voltage, supports SYNC mode or DE mode, default SYNC mode. Its brightness is 350~400 nits, contrast ratio of 500, view direction 12 o’clock (top view direction), gray scale inversion direction 6 o’clock, and glare surface glass. It can be operating at temperatures from -20℃ to +70℃, its storage temperatures range from -30℃ to +80℃.

You can choice Resistive Touch Screen or Projected Capacitive Touch Screen and High Brightness version optional for RFS390C model. RFS390C is top-view direction TFT module, if customers require bottom-view (6 o’clock), please choose RFS390B series Bar TFT model.

■Size: 3.9 inch
■Dot Matrix: 480×128 x RGB (TFT) dots
■Module dimension: 105.5(W) x 37.0(H) mm
■Active area: 95.04 x 25.34 mm
■Dot pitch: 0.066(W) x 0.198(H) mm
■LCD type: TFT, Normally White, Transmissive
■View Direction: 12 o’clock
■Gray Scale Inversion Direction: 6 o’clock
■Aspect Ratio: Bar Type
■Backlight Type: LED, Normally White
■TFT Driver IC: HX8278-A or equivalent
■TFT Interface: RGB-24BIT
■Touch Panel: RTP / PCAP
■Surface: Anti-Glare / Glare


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